With users increasingly choosing to consume streamed content, MSPs(managed service provider), such as traditional cable operators' traditional business is being threatened by the changing market situation.
Under this circumstance, cable operators/MSOs are expanding their services and products to the small business telephony market, fully utilizing the current cable infrastructure.
With the New Rock MX series VoIP Gateway, cable operators/MSOs could utilize the existing residential voice platform for the SMB telephony market.
For the enterprises who are using the operator’s ONU product, they can expand the number of business lines on the original analog phone system with 0 interruptions by adding a new cable operator/MSO-compliant VoIP gateway.

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Soluiton Value
  • Support IMC access

    · Metaswitch, Nokia-Simens Networks, Alcatel IMS platform, etc.

  • Support IPV6

    · IPv6 supports the security component IPSec, which can encrypt data at the network layer, greatly enhancing the security of VoIP voice.

    · VoIP voice packets are transmitted faster and in real-time on IPv6 networks. Combined with increased bandwidth and Quality of Service QoS guarantees at each node, results in better VoIP voice quality on IPv6 networks.

  • Support TR069

    · Support unified management by 3rd party platform, support remote configuration, troubleshooting, online upgrade, data statistics, equipment monitoring, and other feature.

  • Customized Digit Map

    · Offload call server by processing features at device end, improve platform call processing efficiency.

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