Satellite Telephone

Whether coastal or offshore, expensive satellite phones remain the only available telephone communication means between vessels and the mainland.
This has posed a significant obstacle to fleet management, handling of emergencies, and communication between sailors and their loved ones.
To meet the needs of fishing boats, cargo ships, and oil tankers with respect to significantly reducing telephone charges, New Rock has planned and implemented IP audio network based on satellite broadband together with satellite network broadband service providers and telecommunications carriers. The following areas are considered during deployment,
-No 4G coverage due to the distance from shore
-4G coverage available for ships berthed near shore or in harbors
-In-vessel telephone
Landline telephones on ships are achieved through a platform that combines the satellite network and telecommunication network on the shore and the corresponding connection terminal on the ship.

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Soluiton Value
  • Cost Saving

    · Satellite network is used only for ocean vessels, while 4G network is used for coastal vessels, saving satellite broadband charges;

  • VoIP for Communication

    ·Use of advanced VoIP technology to reduce voice transmission bandwidth, saving satellite broadband charges further and 4G data volume

  • Free Internal Calling

    ·Free calls on extensions in the vessel.

  • High Reliable

    ·On-premise deployed to ensure information security and communication reliability

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