In recent years, the intercom industry is booming, with gradual attention to building security. Traditional access control systems are gradually being replaced by intelligent access control systems.
Intelligent access control has simple wiring, security, and convenience features, the "device + network + cell phone" combination can complete the entire system.
Compared to the traditional access control card, or doorbell, intelligent intercoms are able to provide an efficient, safe, convenient, and intelligent access experience. Users can remotely open the door, with multiple choices, such as Bluetooth open, password open, face recognition open, etc.

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Soluiton Value
  • New Rock OM series IP PBX

    · Standard SIP protocol

    · UMS for remote operation and maintenance

    · Built-in NAT traversal service, 4G access control and remote registration

    · API interface: docking to third-party applications

  • NewLync SDK

    ·Call control: outbound call, hang up, answer inbound calls

    ·Call status reporting: dial, call, hang up

    ·User keystroke reporting: remote door opening

  • Rich Management Call Function

    ·The management server can realize the visual call to answer and execute the door opening after the call from the entrance machine

    ·The manager can search for the resident's address and call the resident's phone or APP

  • Simple System Requirements

    ·Requires that the doorway machine, management server and original PBX can connect to the cloud SIP server through the external network

    ·Requires fixed terminal IP, fixed hopping IP and fixed port

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