Government bureaus such as administrations for industry and commerce, police forces, district attorney’s offices, and courts, normally have a multi-level architecture, and their office communication system not only requires massive internal communication activities but also needs to provide external service.
Driven by a growing number of employees and expanding operations, and the new communication requirement, such as the upgrade of copper cables to fiber optics, mobile offices, phone capacity expansions, and telephone networks connected to branch offices, the existing telephone network of the government bureaus no longer satisfies the operating requirements.
It is therefore urgent and essential to upgrade to the next-generation office communication solution as the existing hardware approaches its maximum service life amid rising maintenance costs.
The New Rock government office VoIP telephony and unified communication solution can satisfy various forms of specific governmental requirements without interrupting their routine practices or their existing telephone numbers.
- An internal telephone network delivers efficient communications and reduces telecommunication expenses at all levels.
-Telephone numbers for the PSTN, extension, and private network can be customized.
-Emergency incidents can be addressed by telephone conferencing at any time.
-Telephone call recordings effectively help monitor the service quality.
-Desktop phones can be transferred to mobile phones, preventing missed calls.
-The telephone network can be set up among the IP-PBXs for free-of-charge communications among institutions.
-Audio recording management and multiparty telephone conferencing can be realized under our telephone call recording and telephone conferencing systems.
-Mobile/field officers may set up their mobile office by installing the softphone app.

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