Cambodia Freeway VoIP Project

Cambodia,Phnom - Sihanoukville Freeway Communication Project

Customer Background

The Phnom Penh Expressway connects Cambodia's capital city of Phnom Penh with Sihanoukville, the largest seaport, using Chinese design and quality standards, the freeway across five provinces, total 187.05km long, with a design speed of 100km/h and four lanes in both directions.

Construction of the Golden Port Expressway project officially started on 18 June 2019 and was officially accepted for delivery in July 22. After the opening of the Phnom Penh Expressway, the drive from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville will be shortened from over 5 hours to less than 2 hours.

There are 8 toll stations, 3 service areas and 1 parking area along the entire Expressway.The communication system can provide the necessary voice communication, and data and image information transmission channels for the highway operation and management monitoring and charging system.

The overall construction goal of the project is to make the Expressway a quality project  in Cambodia, and to add color to the friendship between China and Cambodia.

Project Requirement

The whole highway starts with the Golden Port Management Centre, setting up a mainline toll station, multiple site toll stations, maintenance work areas, parking areas, service areas and so on. The communication system is an important part of ensuring safe, smooth, comfortable and efficient operation of all highway stations and realizing modern traffic management, and is the central nerve of the highway management system.

With OM8000 IP PBX as the core component, New Rock unified communication platform provides communication guarantee for highway management agencies and affiliated agencies to handle daily operation communication, command and dispatch, emergency calls, etc.

Basic Voice Features

1.Support Internal calls, PSTN outgoing/incoming calls, IP outgoing/incoming calls

2.Support flexible incoming and outgoing routing policies can be set up, and the number of routes can be set to at least 500

3.Support number change and supports multi-platform outgoing calls.

Featured Functions

1.Caller identification service, conference call service, outbound restriction service, multi-number service, delayed/immediate hotline service, privileged service (forced insertion, forced removal, etc.), auto-attendant (or DID service, auto switchboard service, etc.), caller ID, etc.

2.Supports TTS to create welcome message function, users can generate welcome message voice files through the text-to-speech function that comes with the IP PBX

3.The voice file can be recognized by the IP PBX without converting the format

Fax Service

1.Supports circuit domain T.30 fax, group domain T.38 fax, etc;

Unified Management System

Centralized configuration, status monitoring and fault alarming of the equipment can be completed; fault alarming of the network management system can be notified to the administrator by email, telephone and WeChat, etc.

New Rock Solution

1. Deploy OM8000 unified communications system IP PBX with 1000 extension with 700 concurrent calls in the management centre

2. Deploy the MX60E, the analog VoIP gateway supporting 48 extensions, at 15 sites to connect the analog phones and other call equipment

3. Deploy 1 digital trunk gateway OM1000-TE to connect to the PSTN

4. Deploy New Rock billing management system in the management centre; deploy equipment unified management UMS

5.Deploy call recording management software(RMS); dispatching console system and 3rd party dispatching console phone

6. Deploy one set of conference management platform

7. All toll stations and maintenance stations are equipped with multiple NRP IP phones

Customer Value

Easy Deployment

New Rock OM series IP PBX adopts modular design and the media cards are hot-swappable for easy daily maintenance of the system.

Redundancy, Safe and Reliable

Redundancy of control boards, dynamic adjustment of media card resource allocation in case of cards damage;

Dual power supply redundancy backup; support for dual-computer load-balanced hot standby, main/standby switching time <5 seconds; embedded operating system.

Multi-functional Phone

1.Support caller ID, preset dialing, call back, ringing personalization, call time display and other functions, ultra-clear hands-free call quality, to meet the daily call needs of the management centre and the sites.

2.Multiple routing rules and call settings

3.Supports 500 routing and number conversion rules; supports 512 SIP trunk account registration.

Multiple Ways for Networking

1.Supports distributed, centralized and hybrid networking;

2.Multiple devices can be interconnected in IP (SIP) or E1 mode.

Multiple Scheduling Functions for Better Efficiency

1.Support target selection, sliding page, window control and other features;

2.Support click on dispatch member button to initiate voice call dialing call;

3.Provide on-screen dialing keyboard, integrating dialing button and function button;

4.Support incoming call answering, incoming calls are automatically sorted according to rank and waiting time, dispatcher can freely choose to answer, improve operation efficiency.


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