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Bee Union (Cambodia) Telecom is a company that professional in the field of telecommunications and system integration, they provide localized and professional Internet technology services in 3 different countries. Founded in 2013, so far they have 4 branch companies in China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

(Customers office)

Project Requirement

Bee Union (Cambodia) Telecom has more than 100 phone calls for one week for the business development and team communication between the Cambodia headquarter and Vietnam branch,long distance phone call generate high phone bills.

In 2023, the company want to lower the cross-country phone call cost and improve the call quality. They want to turn the cross-country long-term phone call between the Cambodia head quarter and Vietnam into an internal phone call, the extension dials to another extension.

But the current PABX system could not meet the multi-site networking requirement. cut the cost on phone bills, in the meantime, have the high voice call quality.

Replace the partial analog phones with IP Phones.

New Rock Solutions

1.New Rock deploy a OM50G IP PBX in the Cambodia headquarter, connect to the Cambodia PSTN,keep the original phone number.

2.Enable the NAT traversal service function on the OM50G IP PBX.

3.Deploy dozens of entry level IP Phones in the Vietnam and Cambodia, register on the OM50G IP PBX.

4.With the NAT Traversal service, the Vietnam IP extension and Cambodia IP extension are in the same communication network.

(Server Room)

(Branch Reception IP Phones)

Customer value

1.Cross-border networking, interconnection through NAT-Traversal services, creating a cross-border corporate communications network with free dialing for all internal extensions within the network.

2.Cross-nation interconnection and easy set up of corporate office IP telephony

-No need for fixed public IP, VPN, dynamic domain name

-Built-in internal network multi-level routers/firewalls traversal function

-No need for professional IT staff to set up and maintain

-Reliability up to 99.99%

-Support mainstream SIP terminals

3.Uniform New Rock IP PBX and IP Phones, plug and play for efficient configuration of the terminals.


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