MX60E-SC for Saudi Railway Extension Expansion

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At 4:00 a.m. local time on 6 July 2022, China Railway Construction 2022 Saudi Arabia Mecca Light Railway operation officially began.

With a total length of 18.25 kilometers and 9 stations, the Saudi Mecca LRT is the first light rail railway in Saudi Arabia. 

The project has currently the world's largest design capacity, the most complex mode of operation. During peak season, one day's travel capacity is equivalent to the combined capacity of Beijing Station and Beijing West Station for three days during the Spring Festival in China.

Project Requirements

LRT Phase 1 has already deployed a third party physical IP PBX, considering the overall cost, purchasing another IP extension licenses, and desktop IP extensions will exceed the expected project budget, the project management team decides to use analog extensions for the project phase II.
1.Number of analog extensions: 80
2.Outside office numbers: 80
3.No less than 10 concurrent calls
4.Communications redundancy capability
5.Third party IP PBX connection, third party analog phone connection

Product Options

10 set of MX60E-8S/8C with max 16 call concurrency


  • Deploy 10 sets of MX60E-SC-8S-8O analogue gateways in the office area of the Phase II station.
  • Register to LRT's existing IP PBX platform and expand the number of analogue extensions through the analogue gateway.

Customer Value

Cost-effective for add analog gateway + analog phones for extension expansion

Helps existing IP-PBXs expand extensions by add analog phones through the MX60E-SC FXS analog Gateway.

Expanded analog extensions can make direct calls to and from existing IP extensions, make and receive external calls via SIP Trunks on the IP-PBX, and use various communication features of the existing IP-PBX.

With the support of standard SIP protocols, the MX60E-SC gateway can be interfaced with the dispatching system to support emergency calls, one-key dialing and other station communication scenarios.

Reliable Communications

Saudi Arabia has a typical desert climate, in the summer season, the whole country will in hot temperatures, 40 degrees Celsius heat will last for several months. New Rock MX series gateway can work smoothy in the 40 degrees Celsius heat environment, no need to worry about the communication failure that brought by the hot weather.

Power Failover

With dual power supply redundancy, the MX gateway can switch the redundant power supply to realize power failover when unexpected power failover happens, providing a reliable guarantee for telephony communication in each station.


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