OM50G IP PBX for Thailand Finance Call Recording

Customer Background

JS money in Thailand isa local finance and loan company that provides loans for farmers and business.

With its business growing, JS money needs small call system to manage the service calls to customers, and call recording software for recording management.

Based on the requirement, New Rock local partner NEO recommended the OM50G IP PBX as the unified communication system for the call center, as Neehau soft console as the call center software, the lightweight recording software Recording Agent for the file management.

(Customer Workspace)

New Rock Solution

1.Deploy OM50G IP PBX register to the local AIS SIP Trunk.

2.Deploy analog extension on the desktop and register on OM50G IP PBX via a 3rd party analog gateway.

3.Neehau is used as a small customer relationship management system that helps identify incoming callers and directly link their calls with their customer information.

4.In cases of disputes between the company and customers, the comprehensive recording can serve as additional evidence.

(OM50G IP PBX in the server room)


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