OM20G for Singapore Apartment

Customer Introduction

The customer’s apartment in Singapore has 2 buildings located several meters away with less than 100 rooms in each building.

Project challenges

1.Outbound and inbound calls for the security guard
2.Each floor installs analog phones and only allows inbound calls
3.Mobile extensions for security guards

4.Use VoIP Gateway for internal communication with buildings and Security Guard room

New Rock Solution

Server Room

1.Deploy OM20G IP PBX in the security guard office which supports 20 IP extensions and connects to the PSTN
2.Deploy 3rd party analog phone on each floor

3.Install NewLync software for a security guard for mobile extensions

Building floor

1.Deploy MX120G in each building for intercom and connect to the Security Guard office by Lan. no need for more PBX systems. FXS ports of MX120G can support free internal calls with all extensions.

Solution Features

Multi-site networking

Help cut the phone bills cost down, save operation cost for the company

Hot standby

MX120G VoIP gateway supports hot automated standby, the building IT management can use the backup machine for disaster recovery

Mobile extensions

When the enterprise NewLync account is docking with the OM IP PBX, building staff can take and make phones whenever they are.
Remote managementWith the multi-site devices, the IT staff can use the New Rock cloud platform to remote access and maintain the devices, saving both time and human cost.

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