OM200G for Wyndham Hotel Telephony

Customer Background

Wyndham is world class hotel group, one of its hotel has 200 rooms in one building in Shanghai, hotel management team want to build a unified hotel room internet to improve customer experience and improve brand image.

Customer Requirement

-ONU for IP phone and IPTV
-Good for hotel brand image
-Smooth deployment

-On-site Maintenance

New Rock solution

-Deployed OM200G IP PBX and high-end color screen IP phones

-Deployed one ONU for services such as wireless/wired Internet access, telephone voice, IPTV, video surveillance, guest room control, etc.

-ONU registers to New Rock OM IP-PBX through the hotel LAN  and connects to the analog telephone to allow the room phone perfectly functioned.

-Provides PMSI to interface with the hotel PMS to achieve rich hotel business management functions.

Feature Function

-Unified management system

-Connected to IMS network via ONU

-NewLync soft-phone for mobile working

-Dual-redundant Gigabit-Ethernet ports

-Dual AC/DC power supplies

-Class I lightning protection

Customer Value

-Easy wiring and maintenance

-Unified management

-Fast deployment help the hotel run smoothly during the system upgrade


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