OM50G for Singapore Apartment

Customer background

A 2-story building with total 80 rooms in Singapore, the property management company want to upgrade the original system.

IP telephony products out of date

Building intercom system, access control system, etc. use more than 8 years, all the device is poorly functioned.

Due to the initial developers to pursue low prices, quality is not guaranteed, the system can not operate smoothly, and the manufacture can not provide maintenance services.

System equipment discontinued

Product upgrades, system products have been discontinued, can not repair, etc.

Weak property maintenance technology

Weak technical strength of the building property management company, no professional maintenance of the  equipment, resulting in complete paralysis of the system.

System requirements

  1. Docking access control, intercom, video surveillance integration interconnection
  2. Realize the call in the doorway machine after the visual call to answer and execute the door
  3. Can achieve 10-way concurrent emergency broadcast

New Rock Solution

  1. All access control, intercom, video surveillance and other multiple devices directly registered to OM50G IP PBX, FXO port connected to PSTN, to achieve SIP terminal voice interoperability
  2. Visual call answering and door opening after the gate machine call
  3. Realize up to 50 SIP trunk docking

Customer value

  1. Docking multiple SIP terminals
  2. Easy configuration
  3. Support recording, broadcasting, emergency call and other functions


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