The Officium80E-G (OM80E-G IP PBX) is a highly integrated hybrid IP-PBX with up to 200 analog and/or IP extensions. With its high performance and XML/HTTP-based API, it is a cost-effective solution for mid-size contact centers with up to 60 agents. Powered by innovative VoIP technology from New Rock, the OM80E-G IP PBX can connect to PSTN, IMS, analog terminals IP-based SIP trunks, and SIP voice stations.

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Product description

· Always Connected with Your Customers

With features such as remote extension, call forking to users mobile phone, and call-back, the OM80E-G assures users that wherever they are--whether in the office, traveling abroad, or working at home--they will never miss any important business calls.

· 7*24 Auto-attendent

The auto-attendant provides 24×7 service to customers, and efficiently directs incoming calls to the extensions or cell phones of the correct person through configurable voice menus for business/non-business hours and holidays. The smart auto-attendant can even deliver the calls from VIP or repeat customers to the appropriate agents directly, bypassing voice menus (caller-agent binding).

· Always in Touch

The OM80E-G has all the features needed to fully support the remote worker, business travel, and communications with branches, all through the Internet. International or long-distance calls are turned into local toll-free calls.

With advanced-routing capabilities, the OM80E-G can route calls intelligently according to call type. Combined with New Rock NewLync unified communication platform and NeeHau Soft-console, users can communicate with customers effectively, regardless of where they are.

·Remote Management and NAT Traversal

The OM80E-G includes an embedded New Rock Cloud client that allows the OM80E-G located behind an enterprise NAT or firewall to be accessed from the Internet for maintenance and troubleshooting or by voice devices from remote branch sites, remote IP extensions, or value-adding applications.

Real-time monitoring, alarm notification, remote packet captures and software upgrades can be performed with the New Rock or third-party device management systems with TR-069 or SNMP.

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Product features

  • Dual-redundant Ethernet ports

  • Dual AC/DC power supplies (optional)

  • Multi-site deployment with up to 300 sites

  • Call recordings on the internal storage or external server

  • Add-on call recording management system

  • Add-on middle-ware for hospitality applications

  • XML/HTTP-based RESTful API interworking with and supporting third-party applications

  • Multi-level auto-attendant

  • Support TR-069, SNMP

  • Interoperability with popular SIP servers

  • Class I lightning protection

1、Click the “Demo" button, or type the address in your browser:
2、Select the user login identity: operator
3、Enter the login password: ippbx123
4、Enter the verification code, click "Login"

Model Comparison

OM20G OM50G OM80E-G OM200G OM500
Max IP Extensions 20 50 168 400 1000
Max IP Trunks 24 62 216 496 1000
Max IP outside lines 24 62 216 496 1000
Max Built-in analog extensions+trunks 4 12 48 96 -
Max Concurrent calls 24 30 90 120 200
NeeHau clients 20 30 40 - -

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