OM200G IP-PBX provides versatile solutions containing voice/video calls, voice messages, broadcasts, fax, call recording, and mobile extensions to fulfill an enterprise with 500 employees. The OM200G can connect the telecom operator IMS, and provide multiple models with different combinations of FXO and FXS ports.
The high availability featuring primary-standby, dual-redundant Gigabit-Ethernet port, and dual AC/DC power supplies allows the OM200G to be applied in many scenarios which have a high-reliability requirement.

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Product description

· Always Connected with Customers

With features such as remote extension, call forking to user mobile phone and call-back, the OM200G IP PBX assures users that wherever they are, whether in the office, traveling abroad, or working at home, users will never miss an important business call.

· High Reliability

The OM200G IP PBX provides high availability features including 1+1 redundancy of Gigabit-Ethernet ports and AC/DC power supplies (optional).In addition, with high availability featuring primary-standby, active-standby, as well as PSTN failover to handle the failure of the SIP servers, power supply, and network.Users are provided with carrier-class availability with minimized potential system downtime.

· Easy Remote Management

Embedded with New Rock Cloud client, the device located behind enterprise NAT or firewall can be easily accessed for maintenance and troubleshooting or by far-end applications.

Real-time monitoring, alarm notification, remote-packet capture and software upgrading can be performed with New Rock Unified Management System or third-party device management system over TR-069 or SNMP protocols.

·Multi-Site Networking, Unified Management

The peer-to-peer communication allows the OM200G IP PBX to be easily accessed by remote OM IP-PBX, MX gateways, IP phones, mobile extensions, so all extensions of headquarters and branches call each other for free and all trunks can be shared. OM200G IP PBX support unified management of call recordings and call histories.

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Product features

  • Connected to IMS Networks via ONU, internet, FXO port

  • P2P communication between OM IP-PBX and SIP terminals across NAT without the need for static IP addresses, DDNS or port mapping on the access router

  • Headquarters and branch-office communications through SIP-based trunks

  • Mobile extensions keep you connected anywhere, at any time on any network

  • Plug-and-play for New Rock IP phones

  • XML/HTTP-based RESTful API for third-party applications

  • Remote access via the New Rock Cloud

  • Management with New Rock Unified Management System or third-party Equipment Management Systems (TR-069, SNMP)

  • Dual-redundant Gigabit-Ethernet ports

  • Dual AC/DC power supplies (optional)

  • Class I lightning protection

1、Click the “Demo" button, or type the address in your browser:
2、Select the user login identity: operator
3、Enter the login password: ippbx123
4、Enter the verification code, click "Login"

Model Comparison

OM20G OM50G OM80E OM200G OM500
Max IP Extensions 20 50 168 400 1000
Max IP Trunks 24 62 216 496 1000
Max IP outside lines 24 62 216 496 1000
Max Built-in analog extensions+trunks 4 12 48 96 -
Max Concurrent calls 24 30 90 120 200
NeeHau clients 20 30 40 - -

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